The fashion industry is a very fast pacing industry. It keeps on changing rapidly and sometimes it gets hard to hold on to the latest trends.

The Indian Ethnic fashion industry is at its peak and barely there is someone who is not infested by this wave of ethnic clothing. The Indian ethnic fashion is bringing back the roots with a modern touch and putting India on the forefront. But with limited availability of options, the major confusion is the pairing of two apparels. What to wear on the top and its bottom is a major question faced by all woman alike. Salwars and chudidars were the only go to options in the olden times.

The bottom wears for ethnic clothing is hard to choose from due to limited options. But with abundance of options to choose from now, it’s time to change and here are the few options to choose from: 

  1. Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants are a modern version of chudidars, but unlike the boring chudidars, they're chic and in style. They're sleek pants that are a perfect amalgamation of craft and fashion. They add the modern touch to your ethnic outfit and if paired with a pair of wedges, form a perfect outfit.

  1. Palazzo

All women agree to the statement, how incomplete the fashion world would’ve been if the palazzos did not exist! Palazzo is a boon from the fashion industry. Its elegance and comfort is incomparable. Palazzos are the best-varied bottom wear to choose from, right from the printed designs to the lace patterns.

  1. Skirts

Skirts have been women’s favourite since the start of modern fashion in India.  The skirts suit any body type and are the ideal choice if you're looking to add more drama to your outfit. With modernization, skirts have become more modern in terms of the patterns and lengths.

  1. Dhoti Salwar Pants

The dhoti pants influenced by the dhoti and harem pants mixture are a very daunting bottom wear to pair with your outfit. These pants are full of drama, which create shapes and structures. Dhoti pants are ethnically connected to the Indian roots too. They form a gorgeous pair and if played with statement earrings, forms a glam outfit.


Posted by : Manasee | 18 January, 2019