Why Indigo Colored Clothing is Trending – A fashionista’s perspective!


Indian fashion is crossing new horizons on the global map. The Indian ethnic prints are spreading their footprints with their experimental prints, patterns and styles. No longer clinging to the old patterns and body heavy designs, the fresh and chic prints are still staying true to their roots. With new range of colours and schemes, only a few colours have made it to the top choices, whereas the others have been derailed to the bottom layer, subduing all are the major monochromes such as black and white.
But one colour that has carved its niche in the fashion world is “INDIGO”, indigenous to the land of India, where it gets its name from. A versatile colour with great fashion value, this colors has been colouring people’s lives since ancient times. But what makes this colour so fashion forward? Here are a few reasons why Indigo is the uprising colour of fashion even today.

  1. Color of all seasons

Indigo is one of the major colours that is an appropriate choice regardless of the season you choose to wear this colour. The abstract colour hue and shading suits all seasons. The colour is of great fashion value, due to its multi-seasonal colour feature, joining the list of monochromes such as black and white.

  1. Fit to figure

Many women are very conscious about their figures. For such, indigo is the colour to flaunt. It flatters every woman, no matter the age and figure. If you think black makes you look slimmer and elegant, then indigo does adds a touch of grace to bring you a better-fitted elegance.

  1. Smart camouflage

A smart camouflage is one that can disguise all your mess with your habits. Indigo helps in shying away from the stains and marks if you're a messy woman likes many. Camouflage is also a woman’s best friend as it hides away the unnecessary crumps and lines and makes them a unique design.

  1. Makes you look rich

Many people believe that wearing a monochrome dress especially black or a white makes them look expensive than others. This is true since certain colours exuberate the richness through its shades.

Of late, women have been experimenting with indigo, since it a very versatile and rich colour in appearance and creates a rich aura.

  1. The style to stay

Indigo has been since the very start of couture in the world and has widely dominated the fashion market around the globe. With its strong colour and elegance coupled global domination, it is enough of a fact to say that indigo is here to stay.


Posted by : Priyanka | 8 March, 2019